Mangoes – Calypso Mangoes count 16 Tray



Calypso® Mangoes have specific features including:

  • Smaller Seed – so you have more juicy cheek, which is better value for money
  • Firmer Flesh – Calypso® Mangoes have a firmer flesh that is perfectly suited to use in salads, grill on the barbecue, even cook lightly on the stove or in the oven. This versatility means you can include that mango flavour you love in your favourite recipes!
  • Fibre-free Flesh – so you don’t get those “bits” stuck in your teeth. No fibres means Calypso® Mangoes are great for pureeing… they make a fantastic summer chutney or sauce.
  • Consistent Quality – Over 20 years, we have developed the highest quality control procedures as well as proven growing, harvesting and packing processes on all our farms. This means we can deliver fruit that is a consistent quality, ripe and ready to eat throughout the Calypso® season, year after year.
When you bring home a Calypso® Mango, we want you to have an experience to remember. With more mango and less seed, how could you possibly go past a Calypso®!